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The Role of the Architect in the Community-Based Life Lease Project or Equity Participation Project

The architect has a key role to play with the community-based sponsors of a seniors housing project that is using life lease or other approaches such as co-ownership, equity co-op as a financial tool.  Good principles for aging-in-place and universal design are included in all the buildings that Robert Reimers designs regardless of how it is financed.  However, Robert also has a crucial role to play as a member of the marketing team.  With an alternative financial tool being used, the seniors who are future residents expect to participate and have input in the design of the spaces that they are purchasing.

Robert Reimers is experienced at working with the marketing team to put together a package that makes it clear to seniors what their options are, within the budget constraints that have been created by the sponsoring group.  Seniors often have difficulty visualizing spaces in three dimensions.  Thus, Robert Reimers' skills at developing illustrations of the spaces including three-dimensional pictures are an excellent addition to the project team.

In the process for a community based project, it is important for seniors to make reservations early and to place monetary deposits so an image is often a critical element to help the senior reach the decision to proceed.  The pictures such as clustered cottages or the atrium or unit layouts in imperial measurement are important as a tool for the sales team.

Marketing brochures must be prepared that convey the message about the social community that is being created.  Therefore illustrations provided by Reimers for the written documents are critical to convey a welcoming message to the potential life lease purchasers, showing activity spaces as well as the units.  Robert Reimers Architect Ltd. works with the marketing team. RRA is skilled in developing an image that conveys the impression of the building while still leaving the building committee enough leeway for future details depending on what the early sales of the life leases reveal to the sales committee.

When you are working with Robert Reimers Architect Ltd. and your project involves life lease as a financial tool then his work will strengthen your marketing process and assist in bringing the date of the construction start sooner.

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Bethel Green Seniors

Layouts for this clientele are provided in the imperial measurement system with which the clientele is intimately comfortable.

Cluster Cottages
Affordable and practical design for the Life Lease client.

Green House Project
Clear imagery in 3d enables the project to be visualized by all.

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