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Honouring Heritage through Architecture

 Whether designated, noted or noticed, assisting clients to retain heritage buildings attributes is an important part of the practice of Robert Reimers.  The designation of buildings occurs through a municipal process.  Honouring and maintaining elements of cultural heritage can be part of the creative teams mandate on behalf of the client. Considering restoration, rejuvenation and repetition to elements of a building, Reimers draws together elements that contribute to unique design while coordinating the work of appropriate experts.



Wesley Mimico United Church


A designated building is providing the physical basis for a (renewed, repurpose, add) on building. It will create a newchurch area (fully accessible), add in church area (fully accessible), add in church area (fully accessible), add in 30 units of seniors apartments while maintaining seniors apartments while maintainingelements of the facade, sight lines for the bell tower the facade, sight lines for the bell tower and reinstating the stained glass windows, selected reinstating the stained glass windows, selected reinstating the stained glass windows, selected panelling and memorial plaques.  and memorial plaques. and memorial plaques.



Bethel Baptist Church

An aging Baptist Church with an 84+ year history in the community was totally demolished but the heritage elements of the Church interior were reinstalled – from interior stained glass windows, altar, lectern, panelling and railings.  The life of the Church continued while 19 owner occupied apartments for seniors added new life at the site.



St. James Court in Orillia

The former YMCA had been devastated by fire during conversion to apartments. The reconstructed building was able to restore the façade of the first two storeys and repeat the iconic shape of the windows.





Heritage can be reflected in design elements such as the way the stairwell tower echoes a grain silo once commonly seen in the surrounding local agricultural landscape. The seniors building in Embro, Ontario was built on a site that had been farmed since the earliest settlement days. The introduction of a (silo) visual element honoured the cultural heritage while allowing the farmers to remain in the community their agricultural work created.



St. Judes

Converting a non-residential building into supportive Housing including maintaining the entrance door of the Building a familiar aspect on the street facade.




East York Farm House


Adding on to this century old farmhouse allowed for the creation of supportive housing while maintaining heritage attributes such as the window and eaves treatments.




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