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Robert Reimers Architect Ltd. (RRA) and Associates has completed work in many areas of design but over the years has developed an expertise in designing Non-Profit assisted Housing, Institutional and Commercial projects in various communities throughout southern Ontario. The firm has been providing architectural and consulting services in Ontario since 1983, with a special focus on project directed by community based sponsors.

RRA is a small architectural office known for excellent design and attention to detail. RRA undertakes a limited number of projects in each year and makes a commitment to service and quality in design for its clients.

Our limited overhead and efficient operation give our clients excellent value and allow RRA to be flexible and competitive in service and fee arrangements. We update our knowledge and skill continually.

Service and Experience

RRA has made numerous design and technical submissions of Co-operative and Non-Profit Housing to the local Service Managers, to the Ministry of Housing and to the municipalities. Due to this cumulative experience, and due to our close working relationship with Non-Profit Housing consultants, we have a clear understanding of documentation and funding procedures needed to create housing.

Our staff are regularly reviewing the guidelines and keeping themselves current on the changing requirements of Building Codes, energy conservation and municipal planning contex. RRA is designing and developing technical documents for Affordable Housing on a daily basis. While our staff draw on a wealth of experience from projects across Canada, Affordable Housing and the local economic opportunity this creates, is the core of our practice.

RRA values its good relationship with its clients and with their development consultants. RRA provides unparalleled service attending to the clients' needs directly at the project location and as well as at the client's offices. Senior experienced staff attend to the clients' needs directly at the project location as well as at the clients' offices on a timely and regular basis. Presentations to volunteer Boards as well as funders is a regular part of our services. 

RRA maintains a strong presence during construction and develops a positive working relationship with building contractors. We continue our relationship with our clients long after building occupancy. We are committed to the long term success of Non-profit and Co-operative Housing.

23 Wilson Street,   Uxbridge Ontario   L9P 1H8   (905) 862-3649